How do you get real gold coins?

You can buy gold coins through dealers, pawn shops, and individual sellers you trust. If you decide to buy your gold coins online, be sure to do your Gold IRA Research and go to a retailer that is listed in the U.S. UU. The Chinese Mint is the official sovereign mint of the People's Republic of China and produces the country's official gold bullion currency. Even when gold bars are authentic, the seller's fees can be exorbitant and buyers may have trouble processing gold through customs, depending on the quantity purchased.

Mint contains 91.67% gold, but it costs more than regular gold bars because of its value as a collector's item. If you're looking to buy gold as an investment option, gold bullion coins are a great starting point. From prestigious mints around the world, APMEX has a wide selection of gold for sale, including coins, ingots and round coins. Consumers are advised to pay particular attention to the spot price of gold, as these ATMs sell the precious metal well above this price and above the prices of most other retailers.

Some investors prefer to buy gold from local traders, allowing them to physically inspect the gold and pay for it in cash. Physical gold suitable for investment, also known as gold bars, can be purchased at a spot price, which is the price of gold without manufacturing plus additional costs, which vary depending on the seller. These coins usually have attractive designs, have historical value and contain a smaller amount of gold, but they still cost more because of their numismatic value. This makes them less attractive than sovereign gold coins, and therefore the popularity of gold rounds is limited, not high (this is not the case with silver coins).

Keep in mind that gold retains its purchasing power for long periods of time, while the US dollar, for example, has lost 98% of its purchasing power since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. These nominal values are mainly symbolic at this time, since the gold content of the coin makes them worth much more than the value printed on the coin. If you're still looking to expose yourself to gold, you might consider indirect access to gold through investments in gold mining stocks, ETFs or gold-focused mutual funds, or gold futures contracts. You can find a wide variety of gold of all shapes and sizes at APMEX (American Precious Metals Exchange), from coins to gold ingots and jewelry. Gold bars are available in weights and in different styles, such as hand-poured, cast and minted ingots.